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Spoken Arabic

Our courses follow a clear and systematic methodology according to your level. They are user friendly to those who do not read Arabic script; Latin characters are used to flatten the steep learning curve. The texts are also available in Arabic alphabet, for the students' convenience.


  • Verb conjugations.

  • Grammar.

  • Sharpening pronunciation.

  • Speaking fluently.



  • Vocabulary.

  • Verb Conjugations.

  • Fill-in the blanks.

  • Texts comprehension.

  • Expressing yourself in a variety of real-life situations.

  • Dialogues in front of the class.

  • Building confidence in speaking in front of people.

  • TV broadcasts of cultural and historical programs.

  • Lengthy discussions with classmates.

Like the thousands of students who benefited from Dr. Moin Halloun's knowledge and experience, you will be able to speak Arabic confidently at work and in daily life.

The courses' textbooks are available in English, French and German.

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