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This course is designed for people who have never studied Arabic before.


Students learn Colloquial Arabic in order to communicate in daily life. The methodology centers on short texts which teach the basic vocabulary and grammar of the dialect. The course is user friendly to those who do not read Arabic script; Latin characters are used to flatten the steep learning curve. The texts are also available in Arabic alphabet, for the students' convenience.


The course is designed for students who finished 60 academic hours of Spoken Arabic or Modern Standard Arabic.


In this level students learn longer dialogues from daily life. These dialogues will be presented in front of the class in order to build confidence in speaking Arabic in front of people. The focus will be put on the verb system. Moreover, the order and the basic syntax will be taught.


This course is designed for students who have completed 120 academic hours of Spoken Arabic or its equivalent in Modern Standard Arabic.


The students learn longer, more complex texts on different topics focusing on stylistic features of Spoken Arabic. All texts are followed by a series of questions. The instructors deliver the material only in Spoken Arabic.

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