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The Arabic School of Jerusalem 
Summer Intensive Courses 

The Arabic School of Jerusalem has a special methodology that leads students to control the spoken Arabic in a short time. This methodology was developed during the last 30 years. All the texts are in Arabic script and transliteration simpli!ed system. This methodology was translated into different languages and used in famous university such as Heidelberg and Munich.

The Setting

The Arabic School of Jerusalem is located in College des Frere, 20 meters inside the New Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem. The streets in this vicinity are full of cafeterias, restaurants and shops. People are friendly and helpful. Not far from the school there is a free parking.

Courses Description

Spoken Arabic Level I

This course is designed for people who have never studied Arabic before. Students learn Colloquial Palestinian Arabic in order to communicate in daily life. The methodology centers on short texts which teach the basic vocabulary and grammar of the dialect. The texts are written also in Arabic alphabet for students who prefer to read the dialect in Arabic letters. (60 academic hours / 4 Credits)

Spoken Arabic Level II

The course is design for students who finished 60 academic hours of Spoken Arabic or MSA. In this level students advance in learning longer dialogues from daily life. These dialogues will be presented in front of the class in order to build con!dence in speaking in front of people. The focus will be put on the verb system of the dialect. Moreover, the order and the basic syntax will be taught. The instructor will always explain the di"erences between the dialect and literary Arabic for those who had literary Arabic before. (60 academic hours / 4 Credits)

Spoken Arabic Level III

This course is designed for students who have 120 academic hours of Spoken Arabic or its equivalent in literary Arabic. The students learn longer, more complex texts on di"erent topics focusing on stylistic features of the Palestinian dialects. Each text is followed by a series of questions. The grammar of the dialect will be compared with literary Arabic grammar for those who havestudied literary  Arabic previously. The instructors deliver the material only in Spoken Arabic. (60 academic hours / 4 Credits)

Academic Credit

Material used

Fifteen credit hours of course work are equivalent to one credit in many Northern American institutions of higher education. The credits o"ered for the courses have been planned accordingly.


The Grading Scale is as follows:

90-100 A
85-89   B+

80-84   B

75-79   C+

70-74   C

65-69   D+

60-64   D

0-59     Failure

All courses follow a clear and systematic methodology and use the methodology of Prof. Dr. Halloun. Teaching language is English.

The Spoken Arabic courses use the following books:
Moin Halloun, Spoken Arabic for Foreigners. Vol. I + II incl. recordings (Level
1 Vol. 1, Unit 1-15; Level 2 Vol. 1 Unit 16-28; Level 3 Vol. 2).
Moin Halloun, A Practical Dictionary of Spoken Arabic.



All insurance coverage including medical, life, accident etc. is under the responsibility of the student. Please note that students are required to indicate in the Registration Form that they have a valid insurance.

* The courses are o"ered twice in July and August

Students must make their own arrangements at a hotel, hostel, pension, or private home in Jerusalem or Bethlehem. Reservations should be made well in advance or students have to arrive in Jerusalem several days before registration to !nd living accommodations. The Arabic School of Jerusalem does not arrange student housing but the o)ce can help with advice and addresses. If you need any assistance, please send an email to:

Summary of Fees

Courses upon Request

All fees are listed in US Dollars. Students from abroad are requested to pay their fees in US $. The fees are to be paid in cash US $ to the program coordinator first day of class.

A. Spoken Arabic Audit without credit, all levels 750 US$
B- Materials used by the Institute are not included in the fees. Students have to buy their books from the Arabic School first day of class or before.


The books prices are:

1. Spoken Arabic for Foreigners Vol. 1 120 NIS / $ 34.00 / 25 €
2. Spoken Arabic for Foreigners Vol. 2 120 NIS / $ 34.00 / 25 €
3. A Practical Dictionary of Spoken Arabic 150 NIS / $ 42.00 / 30 €

The Arabic School designs special courses for groups of students during the whole year according to their studying requirement. The teachers of the Arabic School are quali!ed to teach regular students, diplomats and others from various institutions requiring grades. We also o"er private lessons that are organized upon the request of the students.

Application Process

To apply for one or more of the intensive summer courses, please contact us at the emails mentioned bellow.


*The July intensive courses run from Monday, July 3ed to Thursday, July 27th, 2023.
*The August intensive courses run from Thursday, August 3rd to Tuesday, August 29th, 2023.

Each course meets Monday through Thursday from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
Total hours:60 Academic Hours
For questions & registration please write to:
or directly to:

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