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The 900-page book provides a valuable source for readers, drawing a comprehensive image of the impact of different civilizations on the Palestinian spoken dialect. The book includes thousands of loanwords that have entered the local dialect and the etymological origins of these words traces back to many different languages such as, Akkadian, Spanish, German, English, Italian, Pahlavi, Portuguese, Yiddish, Syriac, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Ottoman, Farsi, Latin, French, Hindi and Greek.


This lexicon's comprehensive, expansive, and rigorous methodology, not only classifies loanwords that entered the Palestinian Arabic dialect, but also looks into historical, philology, morphology, phonology and syntax.


Dr. Halloun coins new terms to refer to the processes of transformation and borrowing between languages, such as intermediate language, ottomanisation and persianisation, which describes and traces the transmission of words and the subsequent transformations in meaning and phonology.


The processes, mentioned previously, are not unique to the Palestinian dialect. They are also applicable to dialects spoken in the Gulf, greater Syria and Egypt, i.e. in Arab communities that fell under the Ottoman rule for many centuries and were in contact with numerous other civilizations of the ancient and modern world.

An Etymological Lexicon of Foreign Words in Palestinian Arabic

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